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The New Egypt Organisation

The New Egypt Organisation

The New Egypt Organisation was founded in response to the Egyptian Revolution 25th January–11th February 2011.The principal goal during the revolution was to ensure the immediate resignation of the former President and the dissolution of the People’s Assembly and Shura Council through sustaining the political momentum on the ground in Egypt and in the UK. Since the success of the Revolution the Organisation continues to focus on the immediate basic demands identified by the Egyptian people some of which include: end to the state of emergency law, end to

torture and arbitrary arrests, formation of a national transitional government, an elected parliament that will amend the constitution to allow for fair presidential elections, immediate prosecution for those responsible for the death of unarmed protesters and immediate prosecution of corrupt people & those who robbed the country of its wealth.

The New Egypt Organisation has multiple dimensions functioning as a political, charitable and cultural platform for Egypt. The main domains have been divided into 6 categories: Fundraising, Political Awarness, Sustainable Development, Tourism, Network and Political Pressure.

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